Inkbook Lumos 6 إنك بوك لوموس
Inkbook Lumos 6 إنك بوك لوموس
Inkbook Lumos 6 إنك بوك لوموس
Inkbook Lumos 6 إنك بوك لوموس

Inkbook Lumos 6 إنك بوك لوموس

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inkBOOK Lumos 
Read in a new light, protect your device


Screen lighting safe for your eyes and color temperature control


InkBOOK e-readers are the Reddot Design Award winners for 2017


Based on Android and apps. Install and read from any library in seconds


Turn pages easily with side buttons or use the touchscreen



Advanced lighting for any time of day

inkBOOK Yoga’s innovative design allows you to place the device in a stand-in three steps so you can enjoy hands-free reading. Designed to perfectly fit your device, the cover provides solid protection. The integrated magnetic clasp keeps your cover securely closed.


Advanced lighting for any time of day

Safe screen illumination is one of the most important features of a good ebook reader. inkBOOK Lumos offers the ability to regulate the intensity and light temperature.



Thousands of books in your hand

E-paper screen with 6 inches, a memory ready to accommodate thousands of e-books, necessary options to change the appearance of the text - inkBOOK Lumos has everything that an experienced e-reader needs.


Apps of your choice

System compatible with applications on Android is a treat for everyone who values high personalization possibilities. On inkBOOK Lumos - just like on others inkBOOK products - you can use the services various content providers as well install applications.

Reading without distractions

Touchscreen and a simple interface that makes reading easy again. One tap to open for your recent books and apps. Highlight and bookmark your pages, save comments on sections and more.



Customize it just for yourself

Change the button functions, reading in your favorite font, increase the page margins, increase the size of letters, decrease the lightning…. With an open system, possibilities are endless. If you want specific apps to work a certain way you’re used to, just spend a few seconds adjusting the settings.

Weeks without charging

Powered by a 30% larger battery than other devices in its class. E Ink screen is not just incredible for reading, but also great for battery consumption.